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Top Things to Do in Kampala

Uganda may be a small country in size, but it packs so many great attractions and unique adventures that you couldn’t possibly experience them all in one trip. This list only covers some of the country’s Capital City.

Explore Kampala with Top Attractions in Kampala


1. Gaddafi National Mosque -SIGHTS & LANDMARKS

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya commissioned the mosque as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of the Muslim population. Uganda has many mosques but this one is a skyscraper SIGHTS & LANDMARKS

2. Baha’i Temple- SIGHTS & LANDMARKS

Baha’i House of Worship, Kampala, Uganda. The Baháʼí Faith in Uganda started to grow in 1951 and four years later there were 500 … The Baháʼí House of Worship in Uganda, named as the Mother Temple of Africa, is situated on Kikaya

3. Uganda Martyrs Shrine- SIGHTS & LANDMARKS

Every year on 3 June, Christians from Uganda and other parts of the world congregate at Namugongo to commemorate the lives and religious beliefs of the Uganda Martyrs who were killed by a king because of their faith.

4. Uganda Museum- MUSEUM

The Uganda Museum is the biggest and the oldest Museum in Uganda which started in 1908.

5. The Acacia Mall- Shopping

Acacia Mall, Kampala’s premium shopping and leisure destination were people come together to bond, enjoy and shop. Situated in the vibrant

6. Kasubi Tombs- SIGHTS & LANDMARKS

Situated on Kasubi hill, within Kampala, Uganda, the Kasubi Tombs site is an active religious place in the Buganda Kingdom. To the Baganda the Kabaka is the unquestioned symbol of spiritual, political, and social state of the Buganda nation. As the burial ground for the previous four Kabakas, therefore, the Kasubi Tombs is a place where the Kabaka and others in Buganda’s complex cultural hierarchy frequently carry out important centuries-old Ganda rituals.

7. Owino Market- SHOPPING

Visiting markets while traveling in other countries is a great way to not only see the various foods and products that are produced by different cultures, but it is also an excellent way to experience the language, customs, and vibe of the local people.


Kampala is dotted with colorful crafts markets which are also called crafts villages – selling vibrant crafts ranging from prints, baskets, paintings, pottery, jewelry and more. While some are in permanent locations such as the Crafts Village behind the National Theatre and Crafts Centre on Buganda Road, some are weekly and monthly including one in Makindye and one in front of the Railway Station. Get a chance to interact with the artists and even ask them to make something especially for you.

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