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Packing list for Rwanda

It is highly recommended visitors to Rwanda take anti-malarial drugs. Seek advice a few weeks before you travel to determine the most suitable regime, and bear in mind you may need to start on the course a couple of weeks before you arrive in Rwanda. At the same time, check whether any vaccinations require updating. Most common over-the-counter medication is available at pharmacies in Kigali, Huye and other large towns, but not in smaller towns or the likes of Akagera and Nyungwe National Park, so it is worth stocking up in advance with any prescription drugs or others that you use regularly. Essentials such as sunblock and insect repellent can also be bought locally but still it is easier to deal with this kind of thing at home. Travellers often find that their eyes are more irritable in the tropical heat and dust, so contact lens users might want to bring glasses as a backup.

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