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All visitors must present a passport upon arrival at their port of entry. This must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of their intended stay, and must have at least one full blank page available for entry and exit stamps.

Technically, visitors should also have a return or onward ticket, and be able to demonstrate access to sufficient funds to cover day-to-day expenses for the duration of their stay, but these requirements are seldom enforced.

Most visitors require a visa to enter Rwanda. This includes nationals of practically all European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and North or South American countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand. As of 2018, citizens of all countries can purchase a 30-day single-entry tourist visa on arrival for US$30 at the airport or any land border with no advance application. A 30-day, single-entry visitor e-visa can also be bought in advance through the official website https://irembo.gov.rw/. Multiple-entry and non-tourist visas must be applied for through a Rwandan embassy or high commission abroad.

An East Africa Tourist Visa, also available online, allows multiple-entry visits to Rwanda, Rwanda and Uganda, but not to Tanzania or Burundi.

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