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An Active Holiday in Kenya

Elewana Collection_Horseriding_Kenya Horseback riding in Kenya | Credit: Mario Moreno for Elewana Collection

The two most popular activities in Kenya are safaris and beach holidays. Since the former generally involves long hours being driven through the bush in search of animals, and the latter is all about chilling out and doing as little as possible, neither is inherently well suited to active travellers. That said, except during the long rains, Kenya’s climate makes it ideal for outdoor activities, and there are many ways of keeping yourself physically active, whether on the beach or on safari.

Mount Kenya_Trekking Trekking Mount Kenya

Of Kenya’s main beach resorts, the best suited to active travellers is Watamu. Here you can take long walks in the coastal forests of Arabuko-Sokoke, explore the mysterious ruined city of Gedi, and spend long hours snorkelling offshore in lovely Turtle Bay. When it comes to safaris, the private concessions of Northern Laikipia are also well-suited to active travellers, since guided walks take precedence over game drives. Another excellent goal for active travellers is Mount Kenya, whose thrilling montane landscapes make it the country’s premier hiking destination.

If you plan on walking a lot, bring suitable footwear and a few pairs of thick socks. A walking stick can be useful in more hilly areas or trails with loose rocks underfoot. Binoculars will greatly enhance bird and other wildlife sightings on the trail.

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