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Highlands and medium-altitude regions, for instance Kigali, Lake Kivu and Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Parks, are warm to hot by day, and comfortably cool by night.

Low-lying Akagera National Park is hot by day, and warm by night.

June marks the start of the long dry season and monthly rainfall in most parts of the country is relatively low (below 50mm).

  • Jun is an excellent month for tracking gorillas and chimpanzees, and for other hikes in Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Parks, since conditions tend to be dry underfoot and the odds of being drenched by a shower are as low as it gets in a rainforest.
  • Because it falls into the long dry season, June to August is the best time to visit Akagera National Park.
  • A highlight of the calendar at Volcanoes National Park is the annual Kwita Izina (Gorilla Naming) Ceremony held every June, when all baby gorillas born over the previous 12 months are given names.

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