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At your lodge in Rwanda

enter image description here Ruzizi Tented Lodge, Akagera National Park

  • Never walk unaccompanied after dark in the bush or an unfenced camp or lodge.
  • Don’t feed the wildlife – not only does it encourage it to become dependent on handouts to survive, but it may also foster problem animals.
  • Don’t leave cash or other valuables lying around in the room.
  • Do cover up in the evenings, spray exposed skin with repellent, and sleep under a net or fan to discourage mosquitos and other biting insects.
  • Don’t freak out if you find lizards in your room or frogs in the basin – they are not vermin but rather harmless contributors towards insect control.
  • Don’t make any unnecessary noise when wild animals are in the vicinity, or you might scare them off.
  • Do carry sunblock and a hat on all game drives.
  • Do assume that any large animal that enters camp is wild – respect its space and give it a wide berth rather than walking up to it to be photographed with it and chasing it away or provoking attack.
  • What should I know about local food and tipping practices in Rwanda?
  • Tipping is not standard at eateries or bars catering mainly to a local clientele, but that doesn’t mean a small something won’t be appreciated by the recipient.
  • Tourist-oriented restaurants operate on a similar basis to those in Europe. A 10% tip to the waiter is standard, depending on the quality of service.
  • Hotel porters usually expect a tip equivalent to around US$1 per item of luggage.
  • Tip in local currency where possible; it may be quite difficult for locals to exchange small amounts of hard currency into Rwanda francs.
  • It is customary to tip guides on national park activities such as gorilla tracking or hikes. If you require a porter, ask your guide about the fee and add a small tip if they perform satisfactorily.
  • In game lodges that offer guided activities, drivers and guides should be tipped. Many such lodges have guideline in the rooms; failing that ask management for a directive.

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