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The Ngorongoro Highlands receive short and sharp rainfall in the late afternoon, leaving the mornings pleasant and generally dry for excellent game viewing.

Ngorongoro Highlands

Early March tends to be dry, although in some years the rains have been known to return early, so it can be wet. That said, seeing the bush turn from a tawny brown to green is a mesmerising sight in its own right. Also, with this being the start of the main rainy season it is unlikely that you would encounter enough rain to ruin your safari experience or to limit your mobility within the country to see and explore all the varied attractions.

Rhino in the sweeping valley of Ngorongoro

March (along with September/October) are considered the prime months for those wishing to tackle Kilimanjaro. During unforseen rainy seasons, some roads may become inaccessible, so it’s best to chat to one of our Tanzanian travel consultants to get real-time information regarding the weather patterns.

An elephant in its natural habitat

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