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Top Best Beaches in Uganda

Although Uganda is famous for its Gorilla and wildlife safaris What you might not realize is that Uganda has nearly one-fifth of the total area, or 44,000 square kilometers, is open water or swampland which gives opportunities to Beaches. As a result, Uganda has a number of beautiful and scenic incredible beaches. This marvelous destination offers more than wildlife to its travelers.

Four of East Africa’s Great Lakes–Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga, Lake Albert, and Lake Edward–lie within Uganda or on its borders, Uganda’s endowed attractions lure visitors and tourists to visit its shores to many visitors every year and Lake Victoria’s location makes it the most lake in Uganda with Beaches .More than 75 percent of the Beaches in Uganda are situated in Entebbe, Wakiso District. And because of white sand in Lake Victoria all these beaches have clean and beautiful white-sand plus celestial sunrises, with sounding rare birds that makes anyone’s visit a fantastic stay.

The Ugandan Best Beaches Include the Following;

  1. Aero Beach
  2. Imperial Resort Beaches
  3. Botanical Garden Beach
  4. One love Beach
  5. Nabinyonya Resort Beach
  6. Lido Beach
  7. Lutembe Beach
  8. Nabugabo Sand Beach
  9. Ssese Islands
  10. Bulago Island Beach
  11. Ssese Gateway Beach
  12. Anderita Beach.

1-Aero Beach

At Aero Beach the first thing to see is the old aircraft are conserved on this lively beach into a restaurant by Lake Victoria.  It’s a few kilometers from Entebbe Airport.

2-Imperial Resort Beach

Imperial Beach is located 40 kilometers from Kampala and 5 kilometers from Entebbe Airport which is perfect for visitors who are interested in water sports and sun bathing. This beach is near Imperial Beach Resort Hotel. At the Imperial Botanical Beach there are unique birds and plant species for you to explore. If you love photography then this is the best spot that you should consider visiting while on your holiday in Uganda

3-Botanical Garden Beach

This Beach is found next to Botanical Garden and one has the chance to see many rare birds, exotic trees and plants. During your visit you can go around the Botanical garden which is nearby  for excellent sightseeing of rare birds. Among birds sighted were the Hadada Ibis, Hornbills, Great blue tracow, Fish eagle and pied king fisher’s. Spotted two groups of Columbus monkeys Lake Victoria forms one of the natural boundary’s of the Botanical garden and the Botanical garden beach had a few swimmers swimming as well as partying on the clean white sand beach.

4-One love Beach

This beach is situated in Busabala and offers the best spot for outgoing and experiencing a cool lake breeze. There are lots of games to be enjoyed including beach volley balls, a pleasant stroll on the shore, boat cruises and many other enjoyable water sports. At this beach you can taste a whole tilapia fried fish, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, snacks and many more. It also entertain local events like music shows..

5-Nabinonya Resort Beach

Nabinonya beach is famous for its natural wonder and a cool quite beach. If you are looking for a quiet  beach with water adventures then Nabinonya Resort Beach is the answer. The surroundings have remnant forest, monkeys, reptiles and birds which adds up to a unique experience for visitor. As a norm fried whole fish and snacks with drinks are available.

6-Lido Beach

Lido Beach is situated a short distance of around 2 kilometers from Entebbe International Airport. It features as one of the oldest beaches that Uganda has to the world visitors and perfect for weekend chill out. It is the best party spot and mostly visited by locals. Events are conducted in this beach almost each weekend right from family activities to wild parties. The white sandy beach comes with stunning sunsets.

7-Lutembe Beach

Lutembe is a small village situated approximately 14 kilometers from Entebbe Airport and 35 kilometers from Kampala, that is where Lutembe Beach is located with spectacular wetlands that are famous as bird haven and mostly refuges the white winged terns in Uganda. It is a good spot for bird lovers and nature lovers compared to the rest of Ugandan beaches.

8-Nabugabo Sand Beach

The beach is located on a 5 acres land; this getaway is popular especially during the festive season which makes it a natural upcountry home for everyone.

“Nabugabo has environmental protection from its resources especially forests that surround it. The beach provides a cool atmosphere. The water is free from diseases such as Bilharzias, so tourists are not discouraged at all, and besides being strategically located, the fried fish cuisine served is a gem. Activities such as canoeing competitions, motor rallying events, beach volleyball, beach football and fishing make for excitement.

Travelers can opt to camp on the site or sleep in the cottages. It’s an excellent place for family outings and bird watching is another hobby to enjoy. Creatures such as Chameleon, Monkeys, Egrets ‘enyange’, Blue swallow ‘akataayi’ and other birds of different kind, all sing to give a jovial atmosphere.

According to environmentalists   the place itself is kept clean, the view is nice with a number of birds and, it’s calm and thus a perfect place to rest.

9-Ssese Islands Beach Hotel

Ssese Islands Beach Hotel offers its guests a wide range of activities to keep them entertained while they are on the visit. Ssese Islands is known for sport fishing, hiking, quad biking, cultural village tours, bird watching, bird viewing and Golf. The hotel is a unique way to experience Ssese Islands. It is the perfect setting from which to begin your visit to Uganda or end your Journey. It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy Ssese Islands distinctive mellow pace. A good place for honey mooners.

10-Pineapple Bay Bulago Island Beach

Pineapple Bay Beach is located on one of the islands on Lake Victoria called Bulago island where you can lounge on a Lamu bed, looking out to the sparkling waters of Lake Victoria. Here  you can hire a fishing-boat and head off with rod and tackle to fish for the legendary Nile Perch. Where you can arm yourself with binoculars and roam for kilometers over this unspoiled island paradise in search of hundreds of birds who make this their home. And then come back and plunge into the dark blue pool or go with the chef to the organic gardens and choose your own pineapple, your own avocado and vegetables for lunch,

11-Ssese Gateway Beach

Ssese Gateway Beach is located in a trading center near Entebbe town. Is under contruction.

12-Anderita Beach. Anderita beach Hotel is highly recommended if you are looking for a beach with luxurious surroundings, deluxe amenities and Entebbe’s best hotel location (at the shores of Lake Victoria) . Anderita Beach Hotel is the closest beach to the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe. This is the best blend of access to an airport and beach near a hotel, convenience and luxury i

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