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The 10 Best Uganda Gift and Souvenirs to Buy

  • Ugandan Coffee
  • Tea from the Pearl of Africa
  • Gorilla Souvenirs & Gifts
  • African Home Decoration for your Home
  • African Fabrics -The Kitenge Cloth
  • African Carvings discovered on you Safari
  • Drums made in Uganda
  • Ugandan Tribal Jewelry
  • Snare-Ware Sculptures
  • Spices from the Pearl of Africa

Ugandan Coffee

Uganda is a significant producer and exporter of coffee. Uganda is known for its good Coffee with fabulous aroma. The Robusta is indigenous to Uganda. The tasty Arabica varieties are grown in Eastern Uganda in the mountainous regions of Mount Elgon. In the West and Southwest of Uganda, Coffee is produced in the  (Kigezi)Highlands near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest a gorilla home.

Tea from the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is one of the best producer of Tea in Africa. In Uganda, tea is the beverage of choice for most Ugandans also known as Chai.  African Tea with cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and milk is a favorite. Visitors often have to get used to the pungent ginger flavor.

Black Tea, Green Tea, or tea with lemongrass can be bought anywhere. You can even buy it directly from tea plantations that you pass on your safari in Uganda.

Gorilla Souvenirs & Gifts

Always after the encounter with the gorillas of the forest in Uganda. An excellent souvenir is a carved gorilla walking stick that you can buy while staying in Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Other Gorilla Trekking Souvenirs can be Gorilla carvings that can be found here. The quality varies, but you can see quickly what is right and what is not. There are Gorilla Batiks, Gorilla Bracelets, and earrings, Gorilla T-Shirts. There is also the Gorilla Conservation Coffee that we mentioned already.

African Home Decoration for your Home

Buy African decorations for your home most done by hands in Uganda. This we be a reminder of your time on Safari in Uganda. And one of them are :

Baskets, Christmas Décor, Kids Gifts, Ornaments, Bark Cloth Crafts, Wooden, Crafts Purse, Batiks, Jewelers, Tableware, Greeting Cards, Trays, Key Chains, Leather, Hand Bags and so on.

Drums made in Uganda

The best place to visit and watch how drums are made and to buy is Mpambire which is located along the Kampala-Masaka popular for drum making and buying. It’s a very good visit point for those that are interested in learning everything there is to learn about Uganda’s culture more so the Buganda culture where the drum has got great importance in terms of rituals and also the celebrations.

Spices from the Pearl of Africa

African Spices as a souvenir from Uganda can serve as a gift. Some of the Spices, flavorings such as Vanilla can be an excellent gift item that would be appreciated by most.

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