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What to Wear On Safari- Uganda Safaris

Although a safari is intimidating, it is an essential element in everyone’s memorable holiday life to Uganda and Africa at general. Because of this you have to be sure what you packing are correctly to get the most out of your adventure.

Safari clothes are selected according to the time of year you will travel and the type of safaris you are going to.

Luggage to take to a safari

When it comes to luggage always consider the weight, as most flights allow 23 Kgs/50.7Lbs per person and 12Kgs/26.5lbs per checked bag, per person, for East Africa. We highly recommend you pack as light as possible. Always remember to leave space for souvenirs and gifts.


It is always good for you by going neutral, putting on greens, browns, and khakis so that you blend with nature to avoid attract unnecessary attention.


  • Casual and loose-fitting clothing like short/long-sleeved shirts (camouflage clothes are not recommended)
  • Lightweight breathable pants
  • Long-sleeved fleece or sweater for evenings and/or early mornings.
  • Heavy sweaters/pullover, scarf, warm gloves, rain jacket/poncho and windbreaker for the rainy season/cold season.
  • Nightdresses/pajamas
  • Sun hats and scarf for the dust

When visiting the village women should avoid short pants or sleeveless blouses/shirts or short skirts that do not cover the knees.


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