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Best Unforgettable African Safari Experiences

Discover the Highlights of East African Holidays

  • Beach

Best beach experience in East Africa

Africa is a place of some of the world’s most stunning beaches and islands, each with unique and fascinating stories, cultures, natural landscapes, and sights of interest. The pace of life is usually slow, allowing travelers to truly relax for a couple of days. Here are some of the most stunning beaches and islands that you can find in Africa.

  1. Zanzibar Archipelago
  2. Lamu-Kenya
  6. Imperial Beaches-UGANDA
  • Family

Family safari holiday planning

A Family safari holiday is one of the most exciting and rewarding trips you can do with your family members. Have you ever imagine their expressions the first time they see a real lion, giraffe or elephant, or the first time they enter a safari tent with and beds inside?

While preparing each trip as a tailor-made we consider your specific interests, advising you according to the destinations and the interests of your desire. We have a range of list of our favorite trips and ideas you can pick from and what can be done when looking at heading to Africa as a family.

  • Honeymoon

Luxury Honeymoons in East Africa with Best Honeymoon Destination Planners

Honey Moon in East Africa is for one of the most romantic African holidays you will ever imagine, with hot air balloon to sunsets on the ocean , Gorilla trek to the River Nile and powder white sands of the Indian Ocean.

Whether you’re interested in a classic Masai Mara, tracking mountain gorillas in the jungles of Uganda or staying at  exotic island of Zanzibar, a honeymoon in East Africa is the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation and romance.

  • Self-Drive

Road trip Uganda works with a number of experienced and truly lovable drivers, Road trip driving at your own  re a 4×4 wheel drive for your Road trip in Africa and drive your own adventure this adventure is for truly lovable drivers.

  • Safari

Top 10 Best African Safari Parks and Destinations of 2020-2022

When it comes to countries that deliver outstanding safari experiences they are more than you expect. The key to a successful African safari is to have a knowledgeable person do it for you like us we do.

Below is a list  of countries own ‘best of’ factors that could fit your interests. For a strong wildlife focus for first time safari goers our four favorites are Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa.

  1. Botswana. Botswana is considered by many to deliver the overall top quality safari.
  2. Kenya. Kenya is among the best safari countries and offers the classic safari experience – where it all began.
  3. Mozambique. …
  4. Namibia. …
  5. Rwanda. …
  6. South Africa. …
  7. Tanzania. …
  8. Uganda favorite country for Gorilla , Chimp Trekking and big 5

Top 10 African Safari Parks and Destinations

  1. Serengeti National Park-Tanzania
  2. Masai Mara National Reserve- Kenya
  3. Bwindi Impenatrable National Park-Uganda
  4. Murchison Falls National Park-Uganda
  5. Tsavo West National Park- Kenya
  6. Amboseli National Park-Kenya
  7. Samburu National Reserve-Kenya
  8. Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda
  9. Ruaha National Park-Tanzania
  10. Tsavo West National Park-Kenya
  • Gorilla Trekking

Uganda Gorilla Permit Booking Information

Each tourist who wants to trek gorillas need gorilla permit which is at 700$ US dollars in Uganda and 1500$ US in Rwanda. We provide relevant gorilla permit booking information for gorilla permits in Uganda  and gorilla permits in Rwanda  to enable you plan your gorilla safari well.

It’s advisable you have to obtain a gorilla permit several months in advance and this should be done at least 4 months in advance. If your Safari trip includes gorilla trekking, at Alpha Adventure Safaris  we always request payment for your gorilla permit fee in advance to enable us acquire it for you. Our online payment is very secure.

When gorilla permit is accrued, gorilla trekking is guaranteed. Uganda gorilla permits and Rwanda gorilla permits are very competitive and scarce most especially during peak seasons of June, July, August, September, December and February. Sometimes gorilla tracking permits get sold out four to five months in advance so any tourist has to book a gorilla permits 3-4 month in advance.

What is a Uganda gorilla permit?

A Uganda gorilla permit is a card issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority that allows tourists above 16 years of age to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda that is in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park and Mgahinga National Park. A gorilla permit allows you to trek and view gorillas for only one hour but the gorilla trekking itself can take a minimum of 30 minutes or up to ten hours while watching gorillas.

How much price does a Uganda gorilla permit cost?

It’s in Uganda where you can get a cheap gorilla permit at USD 700$, please note that, Gorilla permits in Rwanda were increased up to $1500 per individual. The permit offers you one hour with the mountain gorillas in a group of 8 people. Each gorilla permit can only be used once for a particular date by a single person to trek Uganda gorillas in one particular destination in only the two of Uganda gorilla destinations, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National.

How to Book a gorilla permit for

When you want a secure gorilla permit book with our secured online payment or our Bank transfer (TT) . Kindly contact us with your chosen Date/month/year when you intend to trek gorillas in Uganda so that we will cross-check in our availability of gorilla permits. Alpha Adventure Safaris will send you an invoice for you to make payment on our secured online payment and once we receive your gorilla payment on our account, then we will pre purchase your permits and send you scanned copies.

When making your gorilla permit payments we shall need your passport details which are used by Uganda Wildlife Authority to print on your gorilla permits.

Now our expertise have given you all the information about Gorilla Permit Booking at your finger tips, Lets we and you make a memorable tailor-made gorilla trekking package you’re your life time. Remember we are selective in our trade partnerships, only committing to tourism partners who share our values, whose service and conduct reflects our commitment to service and those who are consistent and transparent in their decisions and actions to fulfill our commitments with integrity therefore expect good meals, Accommodations, transportation etc…

  • First Time Safari

The best African safaris for any first traveler

We have put together the best African safaris/tours to suit all travelers, whether it’s your first or tenth time in Africa, or whether you’re travelling on a budget or in luxury

But when it comes the first time no experience can quite compare to the  very first safari traveler. Whether its mountain climbing or gorilla trekking in Bwindi the excitement of going on an Africa safari for the first time is truly one of the greatest feelings you can ever have.

Why millions chose Africa as their safari destination

  • There’s more to African safaris than viewing wildlife some of other most majestic are Nature, Biodiversity, Culture, Heritage ,Rich history ,Weather, MICE destination

More than 40 million tourists visit Africa every year and half of them are international arrivals who come for business purposes, and after they join tourist activities as well, while 25% travel for pure tourism and 20% visit friends and family.

Most tourists choose the African continent as a destination for wildlife viewing and to enjoy the sunny skies. Africa is the world’s number one and best destination for safaris which range from the luxury to the very budget.

Tourism industry in Africa employs more than 15 million people directly or indirectly contributing more than US$40 billion to the Africa’s GDP.

All the first time safari travelers after their first trip promise to keep returning for this incomparable experience and because of this, that is why we have put Africa Safari packages from East Africa together to help make planning your first African safari trip as straightforward as possible.

Trust our insightful team of travel experts to design a first time safari that will be so enlightening.

  • Art & Culture

Because of the richness of cultures in Africa we decided to future on one country which has the most Culturally diverse in Africa and that is Uganda ”The Pearl of Africa” Situated at the geographical heart of the African continent, Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the existence of 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts. The country’s most ancient inhabitants, confined to the hilly southwest, are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies, relics of the hunter-gatherer cultures that once occupied much of East Africa to leave behind a rich legacy of rock paintings, such as at the Nyero Rock Shelter near Kumi.


The central region is dominated by the Bantu group specifically theBaganda.

The Buganda monarchy presents one of the best documentations of kingship in Uganda. The head of state is the King locally known asKabaka. The current king of Buganda, His Highness Ronald Mutebi II was crowned the 36th Kabaka of Buganda in 1993 after his fatherSir Edward Mutesa IIdied in exile.

The kingdom also constitutes a Parliament (Lukiiko), comprising mainly of elderly heads of its 52 clans. Other people, who occupy important positions in the kingdom, include the Queen (Nabagereka), the Prime Minister (Katikiiro), the royal sister (Nalinya) and the Queen Mother (Namasole).


Traditionally, a man could marry five wives or more provided he could cater for them. It was easier to become polygamous in Buganda than in other parts of Uganda because the bride wealth obligations we’re not prohibitive unlike formerly when marriage used to be conducted by parents, for instance where the father of the girl could choose for her a husband without availing her any alternatives.

Traditional Dances

Buganda is renowned for her distinct ceremonial occassions organized for observance, commemoration, inauguration, remembrance or fullfilment of cultural rituals and norms.Some of the common (highly recognized) ceremonies in Buganda include;the initiation of twins (okwalula abalongo), the introduction (okwanjula) and last funeral rite (okwabya olumbe).


Matooke (bananas of the plantain type) is a popular local dish among the Baganda. It’s peeled, tied in banana leaves and put in a cooking pan with enough water to steam the leaves. Later on, the bundle is removed and squeezed to get a smooth soft and golden yellow mash. The Banana leaves are used to keep it hot and steamy.


The eastern region is another diverse area comprised of a number of different tribal groups including; Bagisu, Basamia/Bagwe, Basoga, Bagwere, Iteso, Japadhola, and the Sebei among others.

Apart from other groups, the Basoga present a distinctive kingship in eastern Uganda with their King locally known asKyabazinga.

Marrige and Family Life

In this region as well as the rest of the country, dowries are highly valued and are usually in form of cattle, sheep and goats. The amount paid is negotiated among the parents of the new couple to be. The higher the dowry, the more valued is the bride, although this does not necessary guarantee the success of the marriage.


Tamenhaibunga; This kind of dance is practiced by the Basoga tribe. Tamenhaibunga literally means “good friends drink together but they do not fight each other lest they break the guard (eibuga) that contains the drink. The guard is symbolically used to express the value and fragility of love and friendship. Other dances in Busoga include Nalufuka, a much faster and youthful version of of Tamenhaibuga; Eirongo, a slower dance performance to cerebrate the birth of twins; Amayebe, which builds physical stamina, especially for men; Enswezi, used to communicate to super naturals and Ekigwo for wrestlers.


Kamaleewa: These are tender bamboo shoots which are a delicacy among theBagisu. Usually, after harvest, these shoots are first boiled and later on sundried before cooking.

Others include; Atapa, Akaro and Sundried fish.


The northern region is also a melting pot of quite a number of tribes including;Acholi, Langi, Alur, Kakwa, and Lugbaraamong others.

This region comprises of the Acholi and Langi in the north, Alur, Lugbara and Madi in west Nile region. Like most of the regions, Langi and Acholi regions predominantly depend on agriculture as their economic activity, with millet and sorghum serving as staple foods.

Marriage and Family life

Traditionally, a young man depends upon his lineage head and elders both for permission to marry and for the material goods required for bride wealth; elders of the brides lineage were also much involved in the discussions and negotiations surrounding the marriage.


Naleyodance is performed by the Karimajongs where women line up and men strike their breasts using fingers as they dance. The Karimajongs are a pastor community in the north eastern part of Uganda.


Akaro:This is made from a combination ofsorghum, millet and cassava flourmingled in a proportionate quantity of water.

Malakwang:A sour vegetable usually prepared with groundnut paste to form a typical northern food. Malakwang is best served with sweet potatoes.

Others include; Smoked fish and Ugali.


The western region is also rich in tribal culture, it consists of; Bakonjo/Bamba, Batooro, Banyoro, Banyankore, Bakiga, Bafumbira and Bachwezi among others.


The Batooro and Banyoro have a centralized system of government headed by theOmukama. Initially, Toro was part of Bunyoro, but later broke away. The first King wasKaboyo Kasusunkwazithe actual founder of the kingdom and currently the kingdom is headed byKing Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.


Marriage and Family Life

Ankolein the west is the most popular tribe in terms of prestige and population. The King owned all the cattle and theoretically owned all women. Hima fathers were anxious to call attention to their daughters because the King gave generous wedding gifts. Slim girls were unfit for royalty so those girls whom the king found to be of interest to marry one of his sons were force-fed on milk.

Traditional dances

Entogoro:Entogoro is danced by Banyoro and Batooro of western Uganda. The dance takes its name from the pod rattles (locally known as ebinyege) that the boys tie on their legs to make different rhythms as they dance.

Ekitagururo: This is characterized by energetic stamping and tangling rhythms using the feet and aerial arm movements; it is performed by both Banyankole and Bakiga in the south western region.


Eshabwe:A traditional Banyankole dish comprising of ghee, skimmed from milk. This is usually eaten with Akaro. It’s a meal one would certainly get acquainted with on a visit to the western parts of Uganda.

Others include; Akaro and Firinda.

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