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7 Reasons Why Uganda Safari Destination is not Expensive

7 Reasons Why Uganda Safari Destination is not Expensive.

Uganda is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its beauty has earned her different names; the Pearl of Africa which was nicknamed by the Sir Winston Churchill at the early start of the 20th century. It has also been referred to as the “land gifted by nature” and it truly deserves this

  1. Uganda gorilla permit is cheap and secure?

It’s in only in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo but in Uganda its where you can get a cheap gorilla permit at USD 700$, please note that, Gorilla permits in Rwanda were increased up to $1500 per individual and in Congo is cheaper but not secure. This is one of the reasons to make Uganda a Safari destination for you!

  1. White water rafting in Uganda at the source of River Nile

The river Nile offers some of the best adrenaline raising activities on earth like Bungee jumping, Quad biking, horseback riding and world best Whitewater rafting which makes it a reason to be on your bucket list. Whitewater rafting is a great spot that teaches how to remain calm under great pressure. This is the cheapest opportunity to do whitewater rafting from the longest river on earth is amazing and it is only done in Uganda.

  1. Uganda has friendliest people in the region

With friendliest people in the region expect a warm welcome, and a Ugandan will go out of their way to make anyone feel welcome. Because of that friendship Ugandans will help you in certain things which require paying.

  1. The cost of living in Uganda

Uganda is a country which is attractive to Travelers due to low living costs. Most travelers seek high style at a low budget, which makes Uganda the best destination in the region for its affordability. The cost of living in Uganda is lower than that of its neighbors, which gives travelers more purchasing power to indulge in all that Uganda has to offer.

  1. Uganda tourism at a glance

Affordable is a relative term when it comes to African safaris but when we mean cheap safari package it is in Uganda where you can have a complete safari at a low cost in which all of these will be at your finger tips;

  • Wildlife – Unique and Pristine.
  • Nature – Most Biodiversity.
  • Geography – Gifted by Nature.
  • Culture- Most Culturally diverse (psi).
  • Heritage – Faith, Oldest surviving practicing kingdoms,
  • Rich history – Good, bad, ugly.
  • Weather – Average 27 degrees countrywide.
  • MICE destination – Accessible and great facilities
  • Business & Investment – Favorable and great ROI.
  • People!!! Friendly, warm, courteous, welcoming, social…..
  1. Doing a Tourism Business in Uganda

Government of Uganda policies to start your Tourism Business is not only friendly but cost effective. For example , if you want to start a hotel in Uganda it is very affordable in terms of materials and man power compared to other region.

  1. Ugandan Tourist Visa

You’ll need a visa to enter Uganda and it costs you 100$ which allows you to enter in other East African Countries namely Kenya and Rwanda. This is valid for 90 days and allows multiple entry into Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

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