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African Tours & Safaris

Africa has a safari for every traveler – what are your travel expectations? African safari packages and tours range from bucket-list adventures to ultra-luxurious vacations and everything in between.

Go through our Africa safari packages and  find family-friendly vacations, romantic honeymoon packages, thrilling African safaris and affordable African holiday safaris. Remember, all our itineraries are totally flexible and can be changed to suit you.

No time to browse? Get in touch with an Africa Safari Expert to plan a tailor-made tour around your interests, wishes and budget. alphaadventuresafaris@gmail.com


What to Expect as a First Time Visitor to Africa

African safari has hundreds of impressions, the untamed continent reveling in its mesmerism and mystique. Wild, rugged, untouched; each adjective has a tingling allure yet can be tinged by the negative, Africa’s undeserving stereotypes often off-putting to the first time visitor.

  • Will my African safari be safe?
  • Will my African safari be comfortable?
  • Can my African safari be luxurious? Most of tourists returning from African safari are inspired, the experience with perpetual surprise with an encompassing and sophisticated quality. The inimitability of an untrammeled big game landscape is elevated by the rest of the safari experience. Here’s what to expect.

Safari has always been the main source of the continent’s tourism and it remains a core income to so many African countries’ economies. Safari tourism has developed over many decades, flourishing into a sophisticated and well-developed industry that comes as a surprise to many visitors. The logistics of organizing amenities in the wilderness necessitate ingenious solutions and not cutting corners. Erecting a safari camp/lodge in the heart of man eaters or the wild is not easy. The rewards for making imagination happen are endless. African safari accommodation is of a high quality, combining the colorful green of the continent with the modern touches demanded by Western tourists. They’re exceptionally located, immersed in the landscape you came to explore and overlooking prime wildlife congregations.


The African Safari Experience

As the sun sets on a day of safari, memories are full of surprise. Preconceptions have molded and twisted into reality, foreign concepts now understood as the safari itinerary can out way the western trips. Imagine an African safari that comes with dozens of questions. What happens after sunset? How long is a wild game drive? Is there time to relax during?  African Safari itineraries burst with exotic questions. Rhino tracking walking safari, bird watching on the road side, camps in the forest ,white water rafting on R. Nile , Gorilla trekking; it all sounds exciting, but taking the snapshots and creating a firm picture of a safari vacation/holiday is difficult. So, what happens on an African safari? What does a typical day look like? Here’s an overview.


It can be easy to picture a European itinerary, with visits to museums, city walking tours, or dinner tables booked at different star restaurant. But even the staple safari activity, the game drive, comes as an alien concept to first time visitors. How long is a African safari? How much is African safari game and how much is driving? As much as the destination is exotic, so is a Africa safari itinerary, filled with new concepts and unique experiences. As a starting point, the general mood is one of serenity and tranquility. For all the thrill and excitement of being on Africa safari, most African safari itineraries follow the rhythm of life out on the landscape; cool mornings and late afternoons are when the action is intensified, while the hot midday sun is usually for downtime and relaxing at camp. With the procession of wildlife continually wandering past, these quiet hours radiate charm.


Every African safari itinerary is filled with an often diverse collection of safari activities, each of them flexible at heart. Our African safari Guides are experts at maximizing the wildlife encounters but the experience is wildly unpredictable. For example, an African safari game drive might last an extra hour because you’ve spotted vultures and hyenas fighting over a baby hippo carcass. Or it could be cut short as base camp has radioed in a pride of lions hanging out by the camp’s waterhole. Some activities are more structured, like hot air balloon rides or river boat cruises, but a vast proportion of an African safari itinerary will be constantly changed depending on the mood of both the customer and the animals. Walking safari, night time drives, horseback safari, chimpanzee trek, gorilla trek; new impressions are offered by the myriad of activities, each providing a compelling angle.


African Safari is so unique that even at camp, there are many more exotic concepts to consider. What are the bath rooms facilities like? What type of food? Is there even electricity? While the camps excel in blending into the environment, there is more than adequate comfort and an ongoing itinerary of surprise; cocktails at sundown, mid-afternoon snacks, and detailed narratives provided by wildlife specialists, guided walks in the vicinity. And while this might be the middle of the bush, the amenities are much like the comforts of home. Using traditional methods and modern touches, safari camps/lodges provide a blueprint in ecological existence.


Moving between destinations is part of the experience, the road journeys, another game drive, and the aerial flights providing stunning impressions of scale. The wilderness excels in offering solitude and calmness, an unexpected addition to an African safari vacation that evokes a lot of drama. Even on a safari game drive between national parks there are always a dozen safari photo opportunities. And while African safari destinations and itineraries are based on similar ideas and activities, there’s a diversity and individuality that shines throughout.


Typical Africa Safari Activities

African Safari Tours & Travel Trips -The landscapes are most active in the morning and late afternoon; predators prowling, herds moving, grazers grazing. The most typical African safari day will include two guided daily activities, often coinciding with these more exciting times in the hinterland. The rest of the itinerary will be about relaxing at camp, where the safari sights invariably continue. In some destinations, particularly the larger national parks and reserves, an alternative is a longer full-day game drive, with a leisurely stop for lunch en route. This enables visitors to cover a greater area and can also be a preferred choice in a park of multiple habitats and ecosystems.

”An African safari is an adventure unlike any other with awe-inspiring African wilderness, magnificent big 5 wildlife & breath taking, dramatic landscapes”.

The mainstay of safari is a guided game drive, usually in an open-sided four wheel drive vehicle. The pace is slow and the roads probably rough and rugged. There are set trails through every park and reserve and driving off these routes is illegal. Preserving the wilderness depends on not trampling through native habitat and some national parks have name and shame boards of drivers who’ve been temporarily suspended. For every game drive, the guide will have an idea of the route to take, something that’s often decided through conversation with the customer. Certain places are renowned for certain animals and the length of the drive will be dictated by the route. However, once the game drive starts, the unpredictability of the environment takes over. Watch a leopard out hunting or follow an elephant herd and a two hour loop becomes three hours long. Whenever something is spotted, the driver stops, cuts the engine, and waits until everyone is ready to continue.

Walking and boat safaris follow a similar routine, usually with a flexible yet partly predetermined route. The speed is dictated by the group and the variable nature of the environment. Like a African safari game drive, there are rules on where you can explore and which areas must be seen from a distance. Private concessions and private game reserves usually offer more freedom. In some African safari destinations, morning and afternoon game drives are the norm. In others, combining activities provides a more complete impression of the landscape, yet they can’t cover the same distance as game drives.

Other options make the typical safari day even harder to define, like a hot air balloon or aerial safari. Nighttime game drives are vastly different, the eerie blackness increasing the intimacy and thrill of the experience. With a single roving spotlight, nighttime African safari game drives normally provide some close-up encounters that can’t be experienced when the wildlife can see the vehicle coming. Nocturnal wildlife emerges from their hiding places and sights are enhanced by a greater focus on sounds. There are yet more potential safari activities dependent on the destination, like galloping on horseback or even mountain biking alongside zebra.

The Flexibility of a African Safari Day

While the daily itinerary will probably be planned in advance, safari is ever flexible. Certain activities are better at different times of the year. For example, as the dry season rumbles on, wildlife are around the remaining sources of water, often meaning the destination is suited to longer game drives with leisurely time spent at these known places. When the wildlife scatters widely during the rains, a walking safari can bring continual sprinklings of big game viewed from ground level. Planning a day’s activities will also depend on the overall itinerary. Boat cruises and traditional mokono canoe safaris are very popular in L. Bunyonyi National Park and L. Mburo; but doing them every day on a week-long itinerary can be overkill.

Regardless of the activity, guides plan routes based on current knowledge. If rhinos have been spotted in the same area for a few days then the game drive is likely to veer this way. Radio contact alerts other guides to certain sightings, so the plan may quickly change if an elusive sight is prowling off route. On longer safari vacations, each activity is likely to be tailored dependent on what has gone before. There’s no point spending a day seeking out elephants if you’ve just been on safari in other National Park. Safari Guides like to ensure that their visitors are able to admire the full range of African safari wildlife, so especially towards the end of a safari vacation, routes and activities will look to offer something new to the collection of memories.

Safety is also a factor in planning a safari day. While images of walking alongside lions are a popular misconception of safari, there could be instances of quickly changing the plan because wildlife is on the prowl. Safari Guides use detailed knowledge and understanding to predict animal behavior and ensure safety. For example, a candlelit dinner in a forest often populated by elephants is a magical touch to an itinerary. If two teenage males have been fighting throughout the day, inhabiting their space will not be safe. A mobile camp may be moved at the last moment because a lion has been spotted in the vicinity. Paddling past a hippo pod is a wonderful experience, but not when the females’ scents are sending males into crazed moods. No matter how well planned African safari itinerary has been, it’s always important to stay flexible and accept that changes are sometimes inevitable. It can be disappointing, but remember that responding to the environment is also what delivers the most endearing of African safari memories.

What Happens at the Accommodation in Africa: Safari Lodges, Tented Camps, and Hotels?

Location and space are defining features of safari accommodation. While all safari activities are guided, most camps like to leave guests to their own devices. Sit back. Listen. A glimmer of rustling interrupts the silence, and then the footsteps gradually get louder. An elephant passes. A hartebeest appears from the periphery then continues its journey. Silence again. While safari activities are about exploring and seeking out wild game, spending time at camp is about relaxing and allowing nature’s show to slowly reveal itself. There’s usually a series of vantage points; private verandahs, communal areas around a campfire or in a traditional dance, perhaps a swimming pool with wide-open vistas. Many safari camps are situated over water, ensuring the procession of wildlife that must come for a drink. Stay for a few days and it’s easy to start recognizing the same creatures appearing at the same time each day.


The majority of safari itineraries are inclusive of meals and most drinks; which is almost essential when the nearest restaurant is 40 miles away.  Safari Camps pride themselves on the quality of their food and in offering unique dining experiences. Expect dinner tables screaming of charm, new tastes as various meats are roasted, and no waiters rushing you to finish because someone’s waiting for a table. Like the itinerary, these meals are often flexible. A quick and easy breakfast may be served before a sunrise game drive, with a heartier brunch awaiting your return. Meals can be packed up and served en route, especially when there is a long activity to follow. Back to a safari camp, snacks and drinks are served on demand, the personal service reflecting what’s demanded by the most discerning of guests.


Much like a five-star hotel may lure its guests to a 20th floor swimming pool overlooking the city, safari camps and lodges look to maximize their surrounding bounty. When a camp is first erected the wildlife may have been scared off. Over time it returns, recognizing that this foreign place isn’t a threat. Groups of habituated animals become part of the camp itinerary. For example, staff can predict that a large bull elephant will wander through just after sundown every day, or a resident herd of buffalo come to graze around breakfast time. The camp uses this knowledge to plan surprises that add extra excitement to the day.


Amenities at a Safari Accommodation in Africa: Safari Lodges, Tented Camps, Hotels

Safari camps are often as ecological as it’s possible to be. There’s no garbage collection truck in the bush, no power lines, and little connection with the modern world. Electricity is usually of the low-key solar powered variety, enough to provide ample soft lighting and charge a phone. There’s little need for anything more. Some camps do without electricity and this can be equally charming, kerosene lanterns and candles offering a more complete immersion in the bush. These aren’t universal rules though. Larger lodges and private game reserves may have more permanent electricity.


Bathrooms and showers almost invariably offer hot water, the water temperature fueled by fire. Some will have direct plumbing and look much like the shower at home. Others may have hot bucket showers, a more traditional method of getting yourself clean. It’s rare to not have a toilet seat; however, toilets in the wilderness are not always the water-guzzling flushing variety. Composting long drop toilets are far kinder to the environment. This traditional method is usually finished with a western style ceramic toilet seat. While clichés about Africa are wide ranging, it’s very unlikely your facilities will include a hole in the ground.


Connecting African Safari Destinations- Destinations in Africa | Gorilla in Africa

African Safari destinations revel in their specialties and idiosyncrasies, each providing a new look at Africa’s wilderness. Most safari vacations combine at least two, and perhaps five or more of these destinations, from large national parks to smaller private game reserves. In many cases, traveling between them is never lost or dull time. Parks connect to each other as they form jigsaw pieces in larger conservation areas. For example, the journey from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara is an uninterrupted game drive, the vehicle following the same route as 1.5 million wildebeest during their great migration. In other counties, while the wildlife may become scarcer, you’re driving through beautiful wilderness on quiet roads that connect parks and reserves.

Aerial journeys provide a quicker transportation between African safari destinations. In countries like Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, there are scheduled flights that follow popular routes between national parks. Think tiny eight-seater aircraft touching down on remote airstrips flickering with dust. Chartered services are also available and some of the luxury camps offer aerial transfer as standard. Apart from minimizing travel time, these flights offer dramatic views onto the herds and landscapes’ diversity, providing a dazzling impression of scale.


The Individuality of African Safari-African Safari Packages

The safari umbrella is a broad one, encompassing a dozen countries and an eclectic range of experiences. At the heart of every itinerary is maximizing the immersion and interaction with nature’s theater. Yet no two safari vacations are ever the same. An ongoing originality shines through the experience. For this reason, the best safari vacations are those that stretch over many days and absorb two or more destinations.


Africa Luxury Safari

African safari vacations were born in the Golden Age of luxury travel and the ideals of that era are still very much alive. Africa’s best luxury safari tours feature warm, personal service, fine wine and dining, and quality creature comforts, all delivered in some of the world’s wildest settings where you can soak up the scenic natural beauty and witness the cycle of life’s raw drama play out between predator and prey.


Africa will delight and surprise you – it’s not uncommon for the top luxury lodges to enrich your safari with unexpected flourishes: a scented, steaming bath awaiting you after an evening game drive, an alfresco dinner in a candlelit grove serenaded by nightjars, or a champagne breakfast served on the vast savannah plains overlooking the great herds of zebra, wildebeest and delicate antelope.


We are Africa’s tailor-made luxury travel specialists. Our independent recommendations are based on the places and activities we’ve personally experienced and hand-selected for our travelers, which means you can expect the best of Africa when you travel with us.  You’ll find sample tours below that we’ve created to illustrate how to combine Africa’s thrilling big game action with world-class accommodation and smooth, safe logistics.


Our Africa Safari Experts will tailor-make a vacation itinerary around your specific tastes and preferred travel dates, making the most of your time in Africa by placing you in the ‘front row’ seats to witness Africa’s great spectacles and natural wonders.


Africa Big 5 Safari

If there’s one thing Africa does better than anywhere else in the world, its wildlife and there are few wildlife experiences that can beat the undiluted thrill of a face-to-face encounter with a member of Africa’s Big 5. Traditionally those animals who pose the greatest danger to their hunters, the Big 5 – lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard – are still commonly found throughout South, Southern and East Africa and their collective presence in a national park or game reserve adds an exhilarating edge to your safari experience.


Our Big 5 Africa safari destinations range widely and we advise planning carefully with your safari expert to ensure your expectations are met. Safari first-timers would do well to choose Uganda’s Murchison falls National Park which deliver virtually faultless Big 5 safaris where you’re more than likely to tick off each of the Big 5 after a couple of game drives.


But we know how important it is to see Africa’s signature animals, which is why on our recommended Big 5 African tours and safaris you have a good chance of seeing all of Africa’s Big 5. We also know where to go and at what time of year: Murchison falls on the banks of River Nile during the dry season for example sees concentrations of elephants and buffalo that are hard to comprehend, we can tell you the top destinations to see rhino and leopard.


Simply browse our range of Big 5 African safaris and accommodation or contact your Africa Safari Expert for assistance with planning a tailor-made vacation. alphaadventuresafaris@gmail.com


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